4 Ways that Can Jazz Up Your All-Black Outfit!

Total black is the easiest way to assemble an outfit, we all agree on that. But the possibility of coming out with an ordinary and boring style is always hiding behind the corner. This is not a good thing to know if your wardrobe contains the almost 100% of black clothes, but never mind, there are few tricks on how to spice up an otherwise tedious whole black outfit.

Keep scrolling down to know more!

Tip n.1: Wear linear and simple clothes as base: A pair of skinny trousers, a pencil skirt, or a longuette, a pair of leggings with a simple top or shirt (I personally love the Victoria style).

Tip n.2: Number of colored items: one.  It doesn’t matter if cloth or accessory. Incorporate a pop color and take the count of people that will stare at you!

Tip n.3: Next level: do you like colored patterns? Want more than one color? If you are not an expert in managing colors, go for the easy way: black and white plus one color.

Tip n.4: Highest level: colored pattern without white color. The trick is to pick the predominant color and play around it. This season was full of patterned bombers (like this one from Zara). Wear it hiding it under a black fur coat.

Finally, play with materials (black sequinned shirt and micro-bag), and finish recalling the main color on your nails (from Anna Nilzen, Studio Fabuleuse, Goteborg), and with a statement necklace.

Now go and try your black outfit with a sketch of color and post it in the comments or send it to us! We will be happy to publish it!


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