Hi, I am Mapie, and I am a 40nager!

Are you in your “whatever-(put a decade here)ty-age” and want to express your creativity, femininity and trendiness and you are not a teenager anymore? 40nager is here for you!

You will find in this blog the right outfits, makeup, lifestyle and news. All for you, women with a teenager soul. What are you waiting for? Share this site and talk about us!

Be simple, be trendy, be fashionable.

Be a 40nager!



Hi, I am Alessia, and I am a 40nager!

I like art in all her forms and expressions: food, music, poetry until the make up.

I think makeup is the ultimate art where women elevate themselves, and show their beauty to the world!

Follow me and be seduced by the dark side of the lipstick!




Hi, I am Ivana!

My life has really thrown me in so many different directions, so I try not to plan too much. I like to be really spontaneous and just take life as it comes. But no matter where I am, I believe that the right clothes can be life changing! Read more on 40nagers.com and get your own little doze of right clothes.




16176705_10208169313130424_593629197_nHi, I am Lully!

My passion for fashion accompanies me since I was a little girl, while trying my mother shoes in front of a mirror. From there, it has become a hobby, a way to express my creativity. At 40nagers I want to share with you my interpretation of fashion and style.

And remember: even though Edna Woolman Chase said “Fashion can be bought, style one must possess”, you can always create your own style with the fashion you buy 😉



Hi, I am Caterina Amato, special guest in the 40nagers blog!

Born in the South of Italy, but grown up in Tuscany, I have been for long time an attourney in my city, but then Love brought me outside Italy. In Beirut, Lebanon, I have done mine their women concept of loving themselves, before loving someone else, and with this idea in mind,  I decided to strenghten my knowledge in the Image Consulting field.
I hope to capture your attention and grow your passion for fashion talking about body shape, color analysis and personal style. Come and know more about these topics through the 40nagers blog!