Denim, I´m mad about you

More than two centuries passed since the first clothes made of denim appeared and we are still here, struggling and craving for one of the most iconic fashion piece: jeans.

From being only a pair of trousers used by american (male) workers and cowboys, jeans found their way to the artists first and women hearts after. Up to now, we can all agree that denim jeans has been the most successful revolution in the history. Ever.

Match your denim soul now!

Ripped, regular, embroidered, patchwork, baggy, jumpsuit: you only have to find the ones that suits your personality, and pair them with the right accessories!

Being honest, I wear jeans almost every day at my working place: they are comfy, trendy, and fit with almost everything. They are THAT chameleon piece you want to wear to be ready for an unexpected dinner, party, or simply evening out with your friends (remember the situation described by Lully?). For these reasons, at least two pair of jeans must be in your wardrobe.

The perfect jeans hunt

How to chose between so many types? I usually divide the denim world in three sections.

Section n.1: The comfy one. Regular. This is the password. Easy to fit (curvy ladies, where are you?), use it for daily outfits with sweaters, ankle boots and a statement bag. Smart.

Section n.2: Statement jeans. These are the precious ones. Embroidered, patchwork, sequinned. All those decorated denim trousers every woman craves for it, but leaves in the shop, thinking it will never work on her. Well, that’s terribly wrong! Look at these pics, and follow one simple rule: white shirt. With large arms, frills, or a plain simple one. Pump or stiletto boots… and voilá!

Section n.3: The passepartout skinny jeans. There are rumors these type of jeans will be out next season, but frankly I don’t think this is gonna happen any time soon. Not perfect on every body shape (nomen omen), these are soooo easy to pair to generate the perfect outfit.

I used them last week in Florence, with a pair of Dr. Martens,  a layered-look H&M sweater, faux leather black jacket and a mini bag from Aldo:

If you would like to copy it, simply scroll down to shop the look (Zara, Zara everywhere! – Faux leather jacket, 49,95€ – Jeans power stretch skinny fit low waist, 29,95€ – Jumper with frills, 19,95€ – scarf camouflage, 19,95€ – city mini bag, 29,95€):

This look also works with non-ripped jeans, don’t worry 🙂






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