Winter Sales Have Hit the Floor

Ah, yes –  sales shopping! This frenzied time of the year when we all completely lose sense of who we are, is here…

…So Shop Up the Trends Now!

Don’t make those last years’ mistakes and end up with a wardrobe full of things you don’t really want, make smart investments!  Plan what you need to fill the gaps with in your wardrobe and go out with a purpose. Here are my Sale finds to keep you on a fashionable track.

Obsessed With Winter Monochromes

The blues, blacks, whites and greys are anything but boring to me!  The lesson here: wearing such monochromes is an opportunity to play with other aspects of the outfit, scarfs, an amazing pair of heels, or a statement jewelry. Any monochrome can be elevated when well accessorized.

My Must-Have would be this grey dress from MaxMara, now for 216 euro. It can go with sneakers as well as pumps.


Perfect Amount of Drama

Red, red, red. Yes, red is an easily over-powering color, but used in a smaller size, it can well add the perfect amount of drama to your outfit.  So, why not try Lancome’s L’Absole Nu in Red Chiffon lipstick and these ankle boots from Tommy Hilfiger (55 euro).


Must-Have Stripes

What’s more evocative of Parisian street-wear than stripes? The striped top from Tommy Hilfiger can be woven into a maxi skirt, jeans or a waist high cropped blue pants. On sale now for 275 euro.




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