THAT shiny winter touch on your nails!

In Italy there is a say that plays more or less like this: “Epiphany takes all the celebrations away (Epifania tutte le feste porta via)”.

But the festive spirit is hard to take away, so why not to keep some adding some detail to our style? Try with a new nail art style and son’t be afraid: you can keep some of that spirit on your nails

But remember: do not exaggerate with childish figures (to be clear: snowman is forbidden!).

Scroll down to see our proposals!

Red will still be the color par excellence perhaps coupled with gold on one finger, or together with small pois mimicking the Christmas tree decorations, or with white, like the snow flakes, for the 40nagers that like to try new looks for her hands


The best fit for red is obviously with white and silver, although I prefer the tendency of this year: pixie dust:



For those of you that don’t like red and its shadows, try the pixie dust in white:



Tired of classic Xmas colors (white, red, gold)? Try a nail art in the shadows of green, Mapie favourite, and decorate with gold:




If you are addicted to the blue color, add some precious silver, like a perfect Snow Queen!




Whatever will be your choice, always add a sparkling and brilliant touch, and the result will always be worth of a big party!

Wish you all 40nagers a Happy 2017 Year! Stay with us, see you soon!


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