Alessia’s winter secrets

Hello 40nagers!

Are you planning some special makeup for this Christmas Season?

Before going shopping some new blush or some new lipstick, I want to share with you some of the makeup tricks I know. Take your pen and paper, or simply take note on your smartphone, cause these are the secrets all 40nagers should be aware about:

  • Choose an opaque colour for your eyeshadow, if you don’t want to intensify your expression lines around your eyes. Try an  all-day-lasting creamy eyeshadow from Benefit or Nabla:
  • Use a good creamy eyeshadow as base for your eye make-up (like the paint pot from MAC) to avoid powder products to accumulate in the eyelid folds:


  • I am very strong on this point: shiny shades should be forbidden to 40nagers, absolutely :D. So, for these same reasons, pick a creamy blush. I already introduced my favourite brands, but, as you know, repetita iuvant! Go for a creamy blush from MAC or The Balm:
  • Keep always hydrated your lips, if you don’t want to give up on your lipstick! Your lips will be softer with a nutrient balm from Inglot:


  • If you want to follow the trend of the seasons for your lips, opt for an opaque color, but be careful, since it could dry up and ruin your make-up (remember about the lip balm above? Use it!). A fantastic palette of colors is waiting for you on the MAC and Nyx websites!


Now you are ready for your makeup shopping! See you soon with more news from “Wake up and Make up!”


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