It’s all about details


There is one thing all 40nagers should do in their daily life: express themselves. And one of the way to do so is certainly through the look. Don’t uniform to the masses, be unique, though following (always) the trend of the moment.

If you don’t know how to do so, hope this editorial may help. Take a total black outfit, and enrich it with details. A colored bag, a pair of patterned tights, some unexpected dress decorated with frills.

And remember: small details make your outfit unique!

Here is how I built mine for a pre-aperitif walk through the historical streets of Udine (Italy):

a black shoulder dress in tulle, adorned with frills at the bottom (it was forgotten in my wardrobe for years, till this fashion season came 🙂 ), matched with a thin sweater; black coat with fur (ZARA); hound’s-tooth checked black tights (Calzedonia); a pink hand-bag (Aldo), and a pair of military boots (Dr. Martens). Then I finished my look with a brown smoke-eyes make up as suggested by Alessia in her last article .



Are you looking for something similar? Check the galleries for some inspiration from the last ZARA proposals and read till the end of the editorial for some helpful tip!

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Do you feel more comfortable with trousers? Check this proposal:

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  • Knees are a sensitive part of the body of a 40nager: wear always opaque, heavy tights (at least 60DEN), or patterned tights
  • Choose carefully the pattern of the tights: not too sexy, and not too childish! Every woman likes cats, but not on the legs 😀 If you have doubts, feel free to contact me!
  • Always wear heels with your outfits, unless you are tall and thin
  • Complete your outfit with some accessories like necklaces, bracelet or earrings
  • Enhance parts of your bodies if you want to “hide” others: use the first proposed outfit if you have nice legs, while opt for the second one if you have a “plump figure”, and substitute leggings with some loose trousers.

See you next week!